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Sacred Root: Kung Fu Flute & Buddhist Blues (Shakuhachi Unleashed Vol. III)

by Cornelius Boots - Bass Shakuhachi, Nature Blues 尺八

Fisticuffs 03:25
Big Boss 01:33
Hey Joe 02:04
Rebel Rouser 02:13
Black Earth 04:28
Purple Haze 02:12
Shakthamunki 08:35
Breathe 05:04


Shakuhachi Unleashed Vol. III
Virtuosic revelations for solo shakuhachi & Taimu.
The hot breath of Life -- as music.

Shakuhachi is the vertical bamboo flute of Japanese Zen Buddhism and it is crafted from the ROOT end of the bamboo.

The final album of an adventurous 3-album cycle showcasing new repertoire for solo shakuhachi (Zen bamboo flute) and Taimu (bass shakuhachi). Beauty, grit, energy and depth. Featuring original compositions alongside kung fu movie music from Bruce Lee and David Carradine films, actual blues songs from Elmore James and Junior Kimbrough, some Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Primus, Fishbone and more. All meticulously crafted and performed on one of the rarest and most difficult wind instruments: Japanese shakuhachi, the solo, root-end bamboo, earthy flute of Zen Buddhism and its baritone brother, Taimu.

This new 18-track album is the follow-up to 2017's HOLY FLUTE: Shakuhachi Unleashed Vol. ​I and 2018's BAMBOO RISING: Shakuhachi Unleashed Vol. II

Breath-powered prowess from Cornelius Boots, 21st century woodwind wizard, bamboo bluesman and hermetic riffologist. Licensed Zen shakuhachi master & award-winning composer.

Bamboo Gospel - Awakening the deepest soul of shakuhachi, honoring and evolving the solo classical Zen Buddhist honkyoku tradition rooted in aliveness, awareness and nature. A 21st century woodwind performance style drawing on rock, blues, metal, Zen and pure energy.

Cover art and title inspired by Sacred Heart, the epic, classic Dio album from 1985; and Chinese connections: dragons, alchemy and Bruce Lee.

All performances, compositions (4, 10, 13-15) and arrangements by Cornelius Boots.
The bamboo - 1.8 jinashi nobekan shakuhachi by Jon Kypros and 2.74 jinashi nobekan Taimu shakuhachi by Ken Mujitsu LaCosse.

This album was funded by 87 very important supporters! Visit the crowdfunding page: www.indiegogo.com/projects/sacred-root-shakuhachi-unleashed-vol-iii#/

This album is dedicated to George Clinton. Imagine life devoid of funk: then wake up from that nightmare. Eternal thanks Brother George Maggot Lord.

"Plants seem to know us well and what we need." - Monica Gagliano, Thus Spoke the Plant

"There's always more to learn about the secret life of roots." - Robert Kourik, Understanding Roots

"Seeds grow after their own kind." - Funkadelice, Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts


released April 7, 2019

July 14 & 15, 2018
Stackhausen Haven

Cornelius Boots - breathmaster, producer and layout
The Stikman - co-producer, mixing and mastering
Nakona Macdonald - illustrating and tattooing
Karen Stackpole - recording, mixing, stomping
Stephanie Mohan - portraiture photographer
Andrew Lloyd Westhoff - video director
Felicia India Chavez - photos, systems and thinking
Ludo - claws and yowls

Executive Producers:
John Anderson
Steve and Sandy Courtney
Cece and Bill Dietlein
Ryan Goodpastor
Ricardo Alzamora
Vaughan Monnes
Nicolas Kiss
Sue and Al Shockey
Matthew Karl Heitz

The Backers:
Bainn & Harmony, Dan Spriggs, Josh Ng, Jonathan Derio, Jeff Mee, Jonny Spoor, Kinu Sells, Matt Brumit, David F. Coury, Gordon Snyder, Joseph Monagle III, Lawrence Souder
87 total crowdfunders, you know who you are!

special thanks:
Black Earth Shakuhachi School
Shinzen Shakuhachi Students
Rabbit Moon Tea Arts and Steve Odell
Ken Mujitsu LaCosse
Systems Thinking Marin
Faun Frykdahls & Isabel Douglass
World Bamboo Congress
Michael Chikuzen Gould
David N. Baker
Sharp Tools Productions
Buddha Dharma University
Angelo Moore, Ian Anderson, Eric Dolphy
Etta James, James Brown, Ronnie James Dio

Jinashi Honkyoku - Bamboo Gospel - Taimu & Zen

Enter the Bamboo : a dual lineage of Watazumi and John Coltrane. Zen roots, creative freedom, grit and soul. Rock, blues, Ents, funk, metal and beyond. 100% bamboo.

Breathing the Flute Primeval.

The Way of Underground Bamboo


all rights reserved



Cornelius Boots - Bass Shakuhachi, Nature Blues 尺八 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Woodwind Nature & Rustic Flute Spirituals: from hymns to heavy metal. New music/compositions for jinashi & bass shakuhachi (Taimu), the robust woodwind of Japan.

Cornelius Boots is a leading creative shakuhachi composer-performer, active internationally in woodwinds since 1990. A grandmaster (Dai Shihan) in the Zen lineage of Watazumido. Ex-orchestral/rock bass clarinetist, jazz/funk bandleader.
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