Purgatory is usually referred to as a between-life-and-death realm where souls wait for some kind of judgment or souls are engaged in further purification as they await final judgment. Its official Protestant usage is as a name for the process of purification. Whether a process or a place, Purgatory always has a foreboding quality in addition to being a temporary experience. The foreboding comes from the fact that the destiny of your soul is in the balance; also the methods of "purification" which are available in Purgatory commonly involve pain and/or fire. Christianity rarely displays as much irony in connection with duality as the Eastern philosophies, but the concepts of Purgatory and Limbo at least throw a little gray area into the black and white of Western mythical cosmology.

Musical Details:

This was the first of the all-out "blues" songs written as part of the 27 mukyoku. There was a very happy coincidence in
the fact that my smallest Taimu (2.45) is in the key of Ab: this is the key of most recordings by the unrepentant and mesmerizing Mississippi bluesman Junior Kimbrough (1930-1998). Originally written in two parts, the fast ending section departs from Junior's influence and strays into territory traversed by the composers of another song called "Purgatory," new wave British metal pioneers Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden song and Junior's instrumental "Burn in Hell" were likely the inspiration for the Purgatory title.

The 3rd finger slide (Chi-meri sliding up to Chi, or sometimes down to Re) is a blues scale gesture that appears in many mukyoku, especially the other "blues" pieces: #10, #26, #27, and parts of #3. These pieces use blues scales and common riff-oriented rhythms and forms.


from Mukyoku: New Compositions for Taimu Shakuhachi, released October 10, 2010
Cornelius Boots: composition, performance on 2.65 Taimu Shakuhachi made by Ken Mujitsu LaCosse.



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Cornelius Boots - Solo Shakuhachi 尺八 San Francisco, California

Avant Nature Music. Bamboo Gospel & Buddhist Blues: from hymns to heavy metal. New music for standard & bass (Taimu) shakuhachi, the robust woodwind of Japan.

Cornelius Boots is a leading creative shakuhachi composer-performer, active internationally in woodwinds since 1990. A Shihan (master) in the lineage of Watazumido and ex-orchestral/rock bass clarinetist, jazz guy and bandleader.
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