A demiurge is a craftsman or artisan associated with forming the material universe out of raw matter. He sometimes appears as the one to give form to matter and sometimes as the one to create ideas, depending on the era of philosophical theory in which he appears (Platonic, Middle Platonic, Neoplatonic, or Gnostic). The Demiurge figures largely in general occult practice as a force that can be used to get things to happen, bring about circumstances or bring things into being. It can also refer to a person acting in a life-giving capacity, as in an occult practitioner forming a being out of clay (golem) and inducing life-force into it through the use of spells and incantations. There is a double meaning in this title: one reading of "takes form" is to "take away form," or destroy: the opposite of the creative action of the demiurge. Another reading is to "come into a form", become a form or otherwise somehow create itself. This gives a kind of revolving perspective on the paradoxes of duality and the cycles of creation and destruction.

Musical Details:

If you remove "em-u" from the title you are left with the word "dirge," and this is the primary musical aspect of this piece.
A dirge is a slow, often repetitive piece associated with solemn rituals such as funerals. Compositionally it is the halfway point between a drone and a riff, and the mukyoku repertoire operates primarily on this continuum leaning more towards drones (long tones) at times and riffs (short melodic figures) at others. The tempo should mostly be slow and deliberate, but there are many possibilities for personal interpretation of tempo within this piece, particularly on the transitions between the metered sections (with beat markings) and the un-metered long note sections.


from Mukyoku: New Compositions for Taimu Shakuhachi, released October 10, 2010
Cornelius Boots: composition, performance on 2.8 Taimu Shakuhachi made by Ken Mujitsu LaCosse.



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Cornelius Boots - Solo Shakuhachi 尺八 San Francisco, California

Avant Nature Music. Bamboo Gospel & Buddhist Blues: from hymns to heavy metal. New music for standard & bass (Taimu) shakuhachi, the robust woodwind of Japan.

Cornelius Boots is a leading creative shakuhachi composer-performer, active internationally in woodwinds since 1990. A Shihan (master) in the lineage of Watazumido and ex-orchestral/rock bass clarinetist, jazz guy and bandleader.
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